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Welcome to our website on new discount tires and more. Our site was made to help you find tips and information on all types of discount tires for your car or truck. We all know how expensive buying a set of tires can be, but who wants to pay more money than they need to? Whether it is a set of Yokohama tires, Cooper tires, Kumho tires, or any other brand, finding the best deal on new tires is what we all want.

Our Tire Reviews section is designed to help you learn more about the tires you may be looking for and if they are a good fit for your vehicle, as well as where to find them for your lowest possible price.

Discount tires does not necessarily mean cheap tires that are poorly made or prone to failure. It simply means finding your lowest cost option. Here are some quick tips that can help.


Discount Tire Buying Tips

There are several tips you should keep in mind when choosing your next set of new tires for sale. The first one is to be careful and never compromise your safety for saving a few dollars. What I mean by that is to be sure you purchase a known name brand of tires for your car or truck. Don't get too carried away on buying the cheapest tires that are made in China or a third world country and sacrificing safety.

Then, be sure you get the right size tires for your particular vehicle and rims.

Next, shop around and find your best tires for sale. This may sound simple, but many people mistakenly buy their tires from the first place they go to. While you might occasionally get lucky and get a great deal on cheap tires for sale, in most cases you will end up paying more because you might have easily found the same set of tires for a lower price somewhere else. If you live in Ontario, you might want to talk to the folks at tire shop Burlington to get your tires installed right.

For example, Sears tires or Walmart tires often have some very good deals at various times of the year. But one of the best places you will find to go shopping is finding cheap tires online. While there are a multitude of websites that offer you good deals, you'll find Discount Tires has not only a huge selection of makes and models, but the lowest prices you can find anywhere.

Saving Money With Discount Tires Online

You may also discover that searching discount tires online can bring in some great deals on cheap used tires as well. Although we do not recommend that in most cases, it is an option if you decide you would like to go that route.

Another thing you can do to save some money on new tires is to look for rebates and coupons.  In many cases it will save you upwards of $100 on a set of four tires.

Finally, be sure you check out the warranty on any discount tires you purchase. If the manufacturer is not standing behind the product, move on to someone who is. Remember, no matter what price you pay, if the discount tire is no good then you just threw your money away.

Our site will be constantly updated with the latest information on tires, wheels and tire care products and tips, as well as tire reviews on all brands and types of tires. Please bookmark us and come back often.